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sketch & improv

No Fly List Karen [over 200k Views over Twitter/Facebook/Tiktok]

Original Character by Joy Mamey


Written/Directed/Voiced Over by Joy Mamey

When Your Friend’s Boyfriend is a Red Flag
Written by Joy MameyJacylnn Cherry, Gabe Valdez & Ryder Tam

The Ned Crumbly Tapes (Ted Bundy Tapes Parody)
Written by Joy Mamey & Connor Davis, Premiered at Welcome to Hell! with Andi Kryst

The Witches of DickWick

Written by Joy Mamey. Premiered at the Comedy Central Stage.
from Joy Mamey: First Woman President.


Written by and Starring Joy Mamey, featuring Mary Lou Kolbenshlag.

Premiered at the Comedy Central Stage.

Tennessee Williams, Improvised "I Was a Wonderful Speller!"

A completely improvised scene from Tennessee Williams Improvised, performed at
Impro Studio in Los Feliz. Improvised with Rick Steadman.

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"Friendship Necklaces"

Written by & Starring Joy Mamey

Produced by Infinititty Comedy; Featured on the front page of (Elizabeth Banks)

"A Britney Spears Christmas"

Written and performed by Joy Mamey

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