NEW: I am now a teacher on Outschool.com! 

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for kids & teens.


NEW: Introductory Improv Class for Adults

Mondays, January 25 - February 8

7-9pm PST

JOY MAMEY teaches improv and drama to all students making sure to maintain an inclusive, supportive environment. She's a teacher at ComedySportz Los Angeles, as well as in the ComedySportz High School League and Camps.


She teaches at Rogue Improv, and she coaches various improv teams in LA. She's taught at multiple 

LA Unified School District elementary schools,

bringing the love of theatre to kids at an early age.

Joy can also come to your business! 

Corporate improv training is the best (and most fun) way to get your team confident and able to make strong, fast choices. Joy's positive and passionate teaching will have your team ready for anything your business throws at them.

To schedule a coaching or workshop, 


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Joy leads a guided meditation via zoom.

They're recorded and available FREE for download here:

Mamey's Meditation

Corporate training

ComedySportz 101

"I was recounting my experience at [ComedySportz World] Championships to some fellow Seattle CSz-ers. Someone told me that when I came back from Championships, I had confidence they'd never seen. I told them how meeting you, taking your workshop and becoming your friend changed me in a profound way. So today, no matter what is going on in your life, I hope you realize that you use your powers for good in the world.

Thank you."

-Danielle B, after taking BeyonceProv at

ComedySportz World Championship


Joy also teaches 
a workshop she developed to help improvisers reduce
anxiety and increase
their confidence.

While improvising, sometimes we can get anxious and it causes us to second guess our choices. So learn to improvise like the most confident performer in the world – the Queen B! Learn to say “I Ain’t Sorry” in a fun and supportive environment. You don’t need to be a fan of Beyonce’s (though you totally should be) to take this. SURFBOARD!
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