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Today is the day.

Not gonna lie, I was really afraid

to start writing a blog about improv, giving advice based on my experiences as both a student and a teacher. I don't know everything about improv, but I know a lot... I haven't been doing it as long as others, but I've been doing it for a long time...

And then I found out I could use gifs in these blogs so there's no turning back.


wtf internet

I'm Joy. I love improv. I've had a long crazy journey with this artform and it's not nearly done, so I decided why not document my point of view at this moment in time, so I can look back at this in 20 years and say "Ah yes, this is that improv blog no one but me ever read. Also all the bees are gone and California has become the 1994 classic, 'Waterworld,' only without a spectacular stunt show."

Oh by the way, go vote. Heh, there I go again. Pushing my agenda. But no, focus!

This is about improv.

I wasn't sure what to call this. I toyed around with a few puns with my name like "The Joy of Improv", or "Improvising with Joy," but then I thought "No. If you do this, then you're no better than the patriarchy."

So, then I thought I'd call it, "Iced Comedy & Improv Coffee!" Super clever right? Cause I love Iced Coffee. But then I realized, so does Jerry Seinfeld. And he is not an improv comedian. So that's out. And I'm sure some people reading this are like "Hey, Jerry Seinfeld performed at the Improv!" And that means you need to check yourself. Like damn.

And then I landed on Today is the Day.

"Today is the day" is my favorite improv saying. It's a reminder to make the scene important. Why are we watching this scene, versus any other day in the character's lives? This can be the day that challenges the characters, or a day where something changes their lives forever. Why not make this scene we're watching the pivotal day, where

• A teenage girl discovers her super powers

• A sous chef wins the award for Best Dinner Ever

• A guy overcomes his fear of commitment while dating in Los Angeles


Why not? Anything can happen in improv, and that's why I love it.

Plus, anything can happen in real life. So let's make today important.

Because today IS important.

We're lucky enough to have it, so let's take a chance.

Today, I decided I was going to write a blog about improv and see what happens. I most likely will not keep up with it. But if I do, I hope someone who loves improv does choose to read this someday. And in 20 years, as California is boiling underwater and we all wear contacts that project facebook directly into our retinas, I'll be happy to know maybe I helped that improviser with a blog.

And then I'll think about the days of Xanga and laugh at how stupid the internet is.

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